Pre-Plan Your Monument Or Memorial

When we reach a certain age, our first thoughts are probably about arranging our financial affairs. But when you think about it, your monument or memorial will be an even more permanent legacy.

Just like insurance policies, wills, special savings or retirement accounts, monuments and memorials should be part of the pre-planning process. See below for why more and more people are pre-planning these days, for several great reasons.

Your wishes will be met. You’ll be able to personalize your memorial exactly the way you want it, with hobbies, interests, beliefs or accomplishments. Whatever your preferences, you’ll be telling your story in stone.

Your memorial can be a joint decision. As a married couple, you have shared much in your life. Since your memorial will be the most enduring purchase you make, your spouse or partner will probably appreciate having you there to help make the decisions. Other friends and family members can help, too, if you like.

Your family will not have to make decisions at an emotional time. It can be very difficult to make these kinds of choices during times of grief and loss.

Your loved ones won’t be left with last minute decisions. People seem to explore the world more than ever today, and to make their homes wherever they choose. Your family members might not be close, and when the time comes, they’ll be rushed to make decision before they need to return home.

You can purchase your monument or memorial today, lock in the price and avoid increases due to inflation.


Meet Wherever Works For You

You probably have some good reasons of your own for selecting your monument or memorial in advance. Whatever they are, we look forward to meeting you and helping to create a beautiful testimony to your life.

If it is not convenient for you to come to our facility, let us come to you.

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