On-Site Engraving & Maintenance

On-site Engraving: We can help with engraving an existing marker or monument in the cemetery that needs additional information, such as a name, verse or date of death.

Cleaning/Restoration: We can restore your memorial to its original beauty memorial by having it professionally cleaned and or refinished by one of our specialists.

Maintenance: Over time monuments and mausoleums may require some maintenance such as leveling of the ground, replacing the foundation, and resealing the base. Our team can assist in your maintenance needs so don't hesitate to give us a call.

Pre-Planning & Home Visits

When we reach a certain age, our first thoughts are probably about arranging our financial affairs. But when you think about it, your monument or memorial will be an even more permanent legacy.

Just like insurance policies, wills, special savings or retirement accounts, monuments and memorials should be part of the pre-planning process. More and more people are pre-planning these days, for several great reasons.

If it is not convenient for you to come to our facility, let us come to you.
We are happy to schedule an appointment with you in the comfort of your own home, contact us for an appointment today.

Artwork & Personalization


Amy at Dakota Monument is absolutely the best! Picking a headstone for a loved one is never easy, but she did amazing work for us and was so, so caring and patient with our ideas and changes.


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